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Everybody loves Chloe’s haircut. The ‘folks’ at the nursing home loved her  ‘diamonds’. Thanking you again for the amazing care you gave my dog….Lena D.


NOTE – This letter below was sent to me because we own Jada, but the real credit goes to Conquest Terriers, who bred this wonderful litter Mr.Bond came from.

Dear Katie,

I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know just how wonderful our boy, Mr. Bond, is. Mr. Bond was out of Jada and Ash Creek Crew’s litter along with Link and Holly and he, like his siblings, is an exceptional terrier.

He is strikingly beautiful, smooth-coated and mostly white with the kind of rich dark markings on his face that make people stop us in the street and say, “What a good looking dog!” But his beauty is not just skin deep. He has the most affectionate, sweet, playful, and friendly temperament of any dog I’ve ever known. His beautiful eyes project his sweet disposition, and he greets everyone he meets with a bowed head and a full body wag that puts people instantly at ease, even those who are nervous around dogs.

Most important for us, though, is that Mr. Bond is a perfect family dog. He is gentle and affectionate with our children and incredibly responsive to commands. He comes in a flash to my whistle, even if he is busy at play. He has learned many tricks and is a star at frisbee.  He loves to travel with us in the car, sleeping with his head resting on the kids’ laps. He is adaptable to any situation, comfortable among a group of kids or dogs, walking on a crowded city street or hiking deep in the woods. He boards easily at several different places, but is always so happy to come home.

Having Mr. Bond in our lives has been more than a dream come true.  He is such a truly extraordinary dog that has exceeded our expectations in every way.  We are so happy that we found him.  I cannot thank you enough for the joy your breeding program has given our family.

All the best, Michele Ferrari