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Conquest Jada

PLL Normal, SCA Normal, BAER and CERF Normal
Date of Birth – March 28th, 2008
Height – 14¼”, Lightly Broken Coat
JRTCA reg. no.  – 0368-09C
JRTCC reg. no. – CA 3 09009 REG

Conquest Jada – Pedigree (download pdf)





Jada’s accomplishments

Best Canadian Bred Terrier – 2010 JRTCC National Trial
Res. Best Open Bitch – 2010 JRTCC National Trial
Best Open Terrier – 2009 MWJRTC Summer Celebration II Trials
Best Open Bitch – 2009 MWJRTC Summer Celebration II Trials
Reserve Puppy Champion – 2008 JRTCA National Trial
Reserve Puppy Champion – 2008 JRTCC National Trial
Best Canadian Bred Puppy – 2008 JRTCC National Trail


About Jada

If I had to use only one word to describe Jada it would be “perfection”.  Jada’s sweet and loving personality continues to melt our hearts daily. With an outstanding temperament, eager to please attitude and a strong prey drive she is a superb example of a balanced terrier.  Jada is a pleasure to live with, which is what her breeder, Gaye at Conquest Terriers, strives for! I’d say she did a great job!

We are absolutely thrilled to have Jada as the foundation of our breeding program.


Jada’s Progenies


Conquest Holly

Born, December 26th, 2009
Height – 11¾”, Tri-colour, Lightly Broken Coat
PLL Normal by decent

To view more about Holly click HERE




Reserve Puppy Champion 2010 JRTCC National



Conquest Rider

Born – April 18th, 2011
Height – 13 ¼”, Tri-colour, Harsh Broken Coat
PLL Normal by descent
To view more about Rider click HERE






Best Open Dog 2012 JRTCC National Trial
Reserve Best Dog Puppy 2011 JRTCA National Trial
Reserve Best 4 to 6 Month Old Puppy 2011 JRTCC National Trial
Best 4 to 6 Month Old Puppy 2011 Jack on the James Terrier Trial

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